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Our Methodology

At Aquarius Building Consultants we understand the seriousness, and implications resulting from our direction and advice. All of our work involves real money spent, and typically a great amount. From our standpoint, it is essential that we outperform our client’s expectations and provide them with consistent results. To do this is no small undertaking, as past performance generally stands as the industry measure.

The foundation of our service is based on our diverse skill base, expertise and adherence to the systems being used. As Quantity Surveyors, attention to the detail is crucial for a successful project; so that is where we place our emphasis. For support, a cost database containing a strategically categorized assortment of rates, percentages and ratios is updated regularly and maintained. In addition, we remain current, using only the most effective cost modeling and estimating software available. Our versatility in this area is our clear advantage.

Corporate Profile

Aquarius Building Consultants currently functions as one of Canada’s most well-established & leading, full-service “Cost Consultancy” firms, provisioning a comprehensive assortment of expert Professional Quantity Surveying services for their exclusive list of diverse clientele as who are situated within both Canada domestically and internationally; throughout the world abroad.

Originally incorporated in 2005 and founded by two Professional Quantity Surveyors who practiced within the City of Calgary, in Province of Alberta; our firm Aquarius Building Consultants was initially established  aiming to provide superior Construction Development Economics services to a vibrant and flourishing, yet demanding construction market regionally .

Since inception, Aquarius Building Consultants has demonstrably grown in its own professional capacities for delivery, whereas it has now evolved into a highly developed Corporate “Work-Group” Consultancy that houses a number of the top expert Professional Quantity Surveyor’s and Construction Development Finance experts practicing today.

Our current team members notably include an assembly of the top leading licenced experts who currently practice within the profession as that include Senior specialists who focalize upon areas of Mechanical, Electrical & Architectural, Structural & Civil Design; Financial Lending Aspects; Contract Laws & Legislated Statute in addition to authoritative areas that accentuate Development Program Business Case Modelling & Viability Studies; Establishment of Building Codes & Compliance Regulations as also with Political Leadership & Advocacy for the construction & development industries provincially, Nationally & Internationally, alike.

Aquarius Building Consultants has a reputation for providing professional and practical advice. We offer consistent and competent service to all clients at all times and this premise is the founding principal to which all work is administered. The wide variety of our client base demonstrates our ability to adapt to the task at hand. We have serviced clients in the health, education, legal, research, leisure, industrial, retail, residential, commercial and government sectors



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